Guest Speaker

Inspire and instruct your gathering with a compelling presentation such as "A Brief History of Detective Fiction [or, "Mr. Poe, meet Lisbeth Salander"]," "Why We Love Mysteries (and Hate The News)," "How to Plot a Murder and Get Away with It," and "The Gospel of Mark as One of the World's Best Mystery Stories."

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Invite award-winning novelist and experienced college instructor John Desjarlais for a half-day or full day writing workshop. Specialty topics include "How to Plot a Murder and Get Away with It" (murder mystery novel, that is), and "How to Make Your Writing Sparkle!" (elements of style and craft). Manuscript critiques available.

Your group can investigate the higher mysteries of the seen and the unseen with an entertaining mystery novel respected by secular and spiritual reviewers alike.  Investigation Guides (discussion guides, with a Leader's Guide) and deeply-discounted books are available directly from the author. Email jjdesjarlais (at) johndesjarlais (dot) com for details.

Investigate Higher Mysteries

Book Discussions

Each mystery novel in the Higher Mysteries series can stand alone, and each has a Discussion Guide suitable for your book club, parish guild, Sunday School (high school and above), adult formation class, lit class, or just friends.

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