The Throne of Tara
25th Anniversary!


The Throne of Tara (Crossway Books, 1990, re-released 2000) is based on the thrilling true story of Columba of Iona, the hot-headed Irish monk who went to war over a book, and in remorse over the thousands slain, exiled himself among the Picts of Scotland, where he dueled the Druids - miracles versus magic. 

"Desjarlais spins a spellbinding tale with a powerful descriptive flair. A striking story not quickly forgotten."
 The Milwaukee Journal

"Desjarlais is a marvelous writer. His prose is polished, liquid and glowing. He has a sure hand when it comes to historical detail. His research is obvious but never comes across as an intrusion into the story. Just plain good storytelling."
Christian Library Journal


"Sixth Century Ireland, with its mixture of dark and light, druids and Christians, ignorance and intellect, despair and beauty, is portrayed in carefully researched and richly portrayed chapters...A vigorous and, at times, poetic tale."

Voice of Youth Advocate


"This historical novel employs the facts where they exist. Where they do not, Desjarlais uses common sense and imagination to fill in the gaps. Fascinating and informative."



(This Christianity Today Readers Choice Award nominee went out-of-print in 1999 but was re-issued through in 2000).


The Throne of Tara
ISBN 0-595-15597-9
trade paper, $14.95
249 pp.


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A suspicious cathedral fire.
A missing relic.
A terrorist plot to kill the king of France.
Intrigue. Betrayal. Romance.
Another day in the 13th Century.

Relics (Thomas Nelson 1993, re-released 2009) tells the story of Jean-Michel d'Anjou, a young disinherited knight who tries to save the Sword of St. Martin in a burning cathedral but fails. However, a perfect cross is burned on his shirt, which the bishop takes as a sign that Jean-Michel should go on a quest to find relics to replace those lost in the blaze. Consumed by an impossible longing for the lovely baroness who finances the venture, Jean-Michel travels with a mysterious troubadour and wandering scholar to Crusader Palestine, where he becomes entangled in a terrorist plot to assassinate King Louis IX of France.

"Desjarlais' descriptions of medieval life and times are realistic and complete. The author obviously knows this historical time inside and out. Readers will find this novel filled with enough excitement, adventure, intrigue and romance to keep the interest level high."


"Relics will provide hours of enjoyment as readers follow Jean-Michel d'Anjou from one perilous adventure to another!"

Bookstore Journal

"A fun read with an endearing protagonist - fast-paced and enthralling."
Helen Schrader, Goodreads

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